Stay Cool, Save $$


Controlling A/C Bills Is Easier Than You Think

Find out how much juice your A/C uses from Johari, and keep these tips in mind when you're running your A/C:


1. Alternate between running the A/C and fans.
2. Clean your filters at least once a month.
3. Close doors to keep cool air in and hot air out.
4. When setting your unit, keep in mind every degree you lower it increases costs by 6 percent.
5. Close off vents in rooms you’re not using.
6. Keep shades and blinds shut to keep the sun out.
7. If you have central air, control it from your computer, phone or tablet with a free programmable thermostat ($400 value) or enroll your own smart thermostat in a special program and get an $85 rebate.


Earn money back with your own Wi-Fi enabled room units or by trying a smart A/C kit.
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